Is Your HUD Home Safe to Live In?

We complete inspections for lenders in our area

You've foreclosed on a home and you're preparing it for sale. You can make sure the HUD home is ready for its next owner by working with Susan Custer of Mountain Home Inspections. She's a certified 203K HUD home inspector that can handle a wide variety of lender inspections, including Fannie Mae loan inspections and new construction inspections.

Susan has the experience needed to provide home inspection reports detailing the condition of every part of a home, such as the:

  • Structural features
  • Smoke detectors
  • Plumbing fixtures

If you need a home inspector, contact us today to set up an appointment.

Which loan is right for you?

Which loan is right for you?

If you're working with a home in need of major structural repairs, you need an expert on your side. Mountain Home Inspections has expertise in construction, architecture and building codes, so you can feel at ease knowing we're there. You can count on us to verify the condition of your home no matter what kind of loan you're pursuing.

Are you a borrower considering a loan? We provide consultation on the following loans: 

  • Construction Progress 
  • 203K HUD home loans, a type of loan that's strictly for home renovations
  • Fannie Mae loans, a government-sponsored enterprise that backs or guarantees home loans in the secondary mortgage market
  • Construction Draw loans, a setup which pull payments from a construction loan over the course of a project to cover supply costs and contractor fees

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